I know, I know - reflecting, I can’t believe how much time and life has been lived since I’ve last posted. For those who have been asking and anxious for this next update, I apologize for the delay - life has me in the fast lane at the moment, and I’m still trying to adjust and find my flow.  Truth be told, as much as I need to take time out to reflect and update the blog with my progress and experiences, I find I am lacking the self-discipline.  Forgive me, I am working towards making a change to start giving this the attention it deserves. Stay tuned.

mini retirement #2 // may - november 2014

It's hard to believe that more than a year has passed since embarking on my second mini retirement; I couldn't be happier with what I've  accomplished during my expedition. Now that I've done two, I've started a trend, and I already know how I plan to spend my third retirement - building my Tiny House!

Spoiler alert -  My next few posts will feature the three landmark adventures I embarked on while exploring what it would take to accomplish such a dream - to design and build a Tiny House that was so uniquely me.

If you have any interest in exploring this dream yourself, it will provide some great insight and inspiration to challenge yourself to learn a new skill, and see the pleather of unique educational platforms, not to mention seeing some really magical places.  And the people they bring together is something that can only be felt.  It's really what life is all about, just follow your passion.

*sigh* :/

It's the grim reality that all good things must come to an end, and that is never an easy pill to swallow. This picture was taken exactly a year ago today (as I'm writing this now).  I took full advantage of my time away, learning, growing, being and experiencing. I look forward to remembering these times when I’m old and grey. Robert Frost put it best, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”. I'm sure I will never regret these decisions. 

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself // Emmerson

No longer do I have the luxury or privacy to wake up and wear ridiculously layered outfits around the house all day, observe nature, dance without hesitation, test my mind and body, bond with my Dad, experiment with new ideas, play pool, practice riding a motorcycle, and tap into my creativity through drafting.  What's more amazing, I was able to do all of these things in the same day!

On the other hand, I'm quickly reminded and thankful my days of vacuuming endless ladybugs from the windows and walls (I'm talking thousands), managing the cricket population (and getting an ear full about it when I didn't call my Dad to remove it safely first), and being on high-alert, facing fears of living among the wild & unknown lurking all around me are finally over.

how would you "busy" yourself?

A day, week, month, surrounded by the sounds provided by nature, with no plans or visitors on the horizon, just you in this place and time.  Love the idea? Hate it? Would it make you uncomfortable?  Could you stand it for a long period of time? Take a moment to thing hard about how you would feel and cope with it. Visualize it. 

My experience has shown me, it's in these moments of solitude, a self-discovery unfolds.  It's not always pretty, but it's real. If you're not too scared to see what's beneath the surface, I encourage you to explore your true self, and thus your true potential; I promise it's something worth taking a deeper look into.

wanderlust //

June 2009 // Overnight train to France

June 2009 // Overnight train to France

I realized that I am never alone (you should too); I have myself, and that's the only company I need to feel happy.   I understand people are scared with what lies beneath; instead of focusing on trying to get to this point of solitude, we distract our mind with something less meaningful (in the grand scheme of things). Don't do it! Peel back your onion layers and expose yourself as the beautiful butterfly you were created to be.

Not all those that wander are lost   // JRR Tolkien

The people that come in and out of my life, both giving and receiving something unique with each encounter, have no doubt shaped me in some form, and I them.  Nothing a coincidence, and Everything For a Reason; I’m living the dream, my own dream, and I’m grateful for each new dot on my life’s timeline. I'm never quite sure where life will take me, but I know that as I wander, I'm not lost. I am discovering my purpose, one moment at a time.

I smile, seeing it's getting easier to recognize certain circumstances, conversations and/or events that contribute to form the next major landmark on my timeline of life. Now that I’m settled back in San Diego (as if I never left) I can recall the sequence of events that were anything but a coincidence. 


I wasn’t sure if I would end up back in San Diego so soon, but the world conspired and here I am. Not as I originally envisioned it, but I've learned it's important not to get hung up on what I may have dreamt up in my mind.  Instead, I am open and aware of my resources and available opportunities that may present themselves, or that I may feel I need to tap into.

Times when large shifts and decisions need to be made, it's important to be in the right state of mind, as these moments in one's life are pivotal, and never to be taken lightly in my experience. Making lists, weighing options, discuss situations and hesitations with close friends.  Most of all, taking alone time to find what situation feels right and makes the most sense for you in the long run based on your goals.  

Don't get me wrong; I'm all for spontaneity, but my "big ticket" items in life require a bit more planning and consideration. At the end of the day, you may not have a lot to go on except your gut and intuition.  But sometimes, that's all you need to confirm you have to do something few would understand.  No matter how crazy. 

Tiny House // eye on the prize

The catalyst for this blog is to first open myself up to my readers, whoever they may be.  For them to learn about me and who I am in this moment in time. So, throughout this journey, I invite you to join me in watching as I grow and learn about myself through this project.

The other part is to document my dream build, watch as my Tiny House visions comes to life, including any and all aspects that come up in between that I see fit.  So understand, I have not let go of my dreams, not in the least. Just the opposite; I am grateful to have a job, placed in my lap, that fit me like a glove, two weeks after I set foot in San Diego.  This job security allows me to set financial goals and be my means to afford my dream house.

It would be my hope that through me, my blog and experiences I share, others can relate and find inspiration, guidance, support and/or the drive to start living a more fulfilled life, the one we were all destined for, if they aren't already. Others may find my blog to be more of a reference and resource for their own project, using the knowledge, tips, and recommendations along the way I will be discussing to be valuable.  Either way, I ultimately am doing this for myself; who knows what it will turn into, how it will evolve, who it bring, and what opportunities it will present.  I'm just doing what I feel is right.


August 2014 // Yestermorrow Design/Build School Class of 2014

August 2014 // Yestermorrow Design/Build School Class of 2014

one step forward // two steps back

This post is a quick recap of where I am today, in a very small snippet.  As I mentioned, my next two or three posts will focus on the trips I took while on my hiatus, educating myself and getting hands-on training from top professionals in the industry, all there to help prepare me for this epic undertaking.  Look for those in the weeks and months to come!

Back on Track //


I have decided I can be disciplined enough to post once a month. If I try to commit myself to any more, I'm setting myself up for failure.   It's all about setting small, realistic goals, and this is just one of many I'm working to add to my life.

I very much look forward to sharing my experiences in hopes others will find the passion and courage to take a leap and grab life by the horns.  

If nothing else, I hope family, new and old friends find my stories, antics, just plain "me" entertaining enough to stick around for the ride, telling their friends, and spreading the word about what I'm working towards. And if not, that's ok too.  I appreciate you taking the time to read at all. 

-EFR on Tuesday June 16, 2015 // 7:29 pm