San Diego // Good Luck, not Good-bye!

Leaving San Diego was one of the hardest decisions I've had to make. After traveling across the country four times now, I've never felt another city suited me as well as San Diego. My heart and intuition will lead me back in due time; leaving a place that makes me feel so complete is a true test of trusting in "E.F.R".

"Sunday Funday" // May 27, 2014

Karl Strauss Brunch, Bar Pink, True North, The Coin Op!

The Sunday before leaving California, my friends wanted to wish me well with a day filled with San Diego's finest.  

Being surrounded by some of my favorite people, laughing and enjoying each other's company was just what I needed among the chaos of packing up my life. I hold these friends and memories we made close.

Thanks to everyone who came out!

South Park, San Diego

Of all the places I've lived in San Diego, I was in South Park the longest.  I lived with three different roommates, each leaving their own special mark on me along the way.  Hands down, my favorite and most influential was my last roommate, Danielle. A fellow east coaster, graphic designer, active and fun loving soul, we were two peas in a pod.  Sharing a home, stories, meals and adventures together, she's taught me alot and helped me grow in ways she doesn't even realize.  I'm thankful to have her as a life-long friend; leaving her was bitter sweet.

Patty // Landlord of 2924 Juniper Street

With her "mama-bird" mentality, watching and caring for the property, Patty can be a tough cookie.  She doesn't take guff from anyone, and will be the first to let you know if you're out of line.  I think I envied her strength and "no bull" attitude, and have a great respect for her.  Over the years, we formed more than a "landlord-tenant" relationship, and I witnessed her soft and fun loving personality under a hard exterior.  

Her Jeep was her pride and joy along with caring for and watching a number of the kids in the complex grow up. She always had the coolest running shoes on the porch and if there was a commotion, like a K-9, her instincts took over and she was on the lookout for anything suspicious.      

Padre and the Padres

Anyone that knows me understands my love for dogs.  When I became friends with Jordan and Mimi, I also became very close with their dog, Padre.  I would take him for walks and during my last weeks in San Diego, he was great company for me when I was unemployed and was alone in my apartment packing up my life.  

Jordan, his brother, along with Mimi and I all went to a Padres game together during my final days.  We had a blast drinking and eating concession stand food that everyone loves to experience when they go to a ball game.

My Final Hours

Anyone who is a foodie knows that when you are heading out of town for an extended period of time, or even worse, (cue line from The Sandlot ) forrrrrrr-eeeeevvvvvverrrrrr, instincts kick in and understand you have to devote a bit more time to this hobby and load up with the best food your area has to offer.  I'm certainly in this boat and indulging was a silver lining to my leaving San Diego.

A lot of these places I was grateful to be experiencing with my best friend and fellow foodie, Jenn. A local favorite, Tobey's 19th Hole Cafe, was to be my last meal in San Diego. 

Besides the food, there are a ton of amazing places I made sure to experience one last time. They are gems of the city to me, so visiting them alone or with friends is like saying goodbye to family. I will remember them to help me stay connected to the place I expect to return one day.

I was able to capture a few moments along the way.  Anyone in San Diego reading this who hasn't tried these places, or plans to visit, do yourself a favor and check them out. I'm sad that Fresh & Easy won't be in my life-- I love that place! The seaweed crackers, granola, fruit and yogurt medley made breakfast quick and healthy and OMG the hummus (roasted red pepper sales will see a significant decline with my moving away.) Dog parks were a saving grace while I patiently wait for my own.) I could stalk all the families' dogs and play with them like a kid in a candy store (don't judge me.) .I will miss many, many things!

With the last boxes shipped off to  PA, and all my good-bye's accounted for, the only thing left to do is take a deep breathe and look forward to my next adventure.  My second mini-retirement officially began  with my drive east.  Thanks to all who saw me through, stood by me and believed in me.  I am ecstatic about what the future holds!